the formica peddler’s bathos

blackmail folio in mystery bronze/ i lost a coupon sheet last week and the experience felt retro/ gates open on outer phenom bathed in blue/ come sit on my lap and take off your glove/ and show me what’s inside/ show me what’s between the leather pretender and the moonwash fleshform you’ve slid in it/ just flex a finger and point where it hurts/ patty told me not to fret nothing/ the honda’s just a wastepaper basket in the supercluster dumpster and my eyes can’t track it/ damn good thing i sold it last thursday/ i took the cash and bought magic the gathering cards. see you tomorrow


ramblin moon piss psycho

rotted elf in a three piece suit/ his home is a stump in the center of chicago/ he took the train to nunavut and he made a snow angel & filled it with piss. get down here, idiot moon/ he cried from the fetid bottom of his hole/ your craters are terribly empty/ ┬álemme fill em up & your pores’ll never feel better Continue reading