blood red wine glass in mommy’s pale hands
does nothing to tame the wild
bestial children of comfort gnawing rats
disease oozing down exorcist steps pollen
snotgreen in rain pools egg yolk riverfalls
down exorcist steps down to the river like
backseat schoolbus yellow piss stream
river touching leather baby shoe with new car smell
of fresh blood stillborn wanting unborn wanting
flowing downriver in snotgreen ooze
flowing to a pee-pee and plastic ocean new life
semen pollen snot kindergarten new car smell
noseblow like broken egg splatter
of decaying blood vampire devil children
kindergarten wanting all-giving mommy mommy rotting
egg stench new car smell steps into pee-pee water
down exorcist steps idle vampire blood
comfort excess in idle tower bonethin
plastic grandmother diamond encrusted
horse teeth woman driven by migrant au pairs
devil children ass encrusted with candy shit
ass wiped by dark race of surplus labor mothers but
bonethin plastic grandmother never had to work a day in her life
sick green preripe unborn fruit unborn thoughts
hopeless birth into degenerate world Continue reading


Extra wonderful sensations spontaneously bombard you at Office Max, causing you to lose focus on choosing which trapper keeper you will take to the first day of 4th grade.

You turn to your mom and say to her the most beautiful combination of words ever uttered in the history of the English language.

She goes white as a sheet and falls to her knees.

They close the store early and just give you the binder for free.

A week later, you are sitting across from Ellen trying to remember what you said.

Everyone is getting impatient. You can hear rustling in the audience. You fidget in your chair, uncertain what to do next.

You close your eyes. Continue reading