They caught the thief in a city a far distance away, after the apocalypse came. God began wrapping up the world little by little. Most people didn’t notice, but if they had wanted to look, it was right there to see. God isn’t cruel.


It was a big city, and in the middle was a slum.  Everyone lived in the slum.  The big buildings were all abandoned.  People lived in tiny mud shacks for the closeness and for the feeling of being near other people.  It was like huddling near the tippy top of a sinking boat. The slum was a valley with two hills, and it was packed with houses made of corrugated steel and scrap wood.


When new people were born, the community would throw them into the air.  They would gather in a crowd and throw the baby up as high as they could, and then try to catch it.


There was a prophet in the slum called Ondeto.  One day, Ondeto told his followers to go to the Central Business District, climb to the highest building, and fly.  If they jumped, he told them, he would give them wings. Continue reading

“FINDING THE MEAN” by OhEidirsceoil

[Some notes from Fall 2014, watching the WenXin Road (文心路) MRT being built]

Forget for now that you ever heard the word man, or woman, or boy, or girl, or tree, or animal, or robot or computer or ship or brain or consciousness. Just remember this concept: organism.

Trees grow in a forest, and a city is a forest. Creatures, some like us, are made of cells and bacteria and host parasites, attract mosquitoes, fruit attracts flies. Organisms grow in environments, and cities and towns are environments. So are space stations. So is Atlantis under the ocean. It grew there like trees grow out of the ground. Living things grow from organic material, and machines are made by organic beings like ourselves. But who can say what the difference is? When I use the words your mind comes up with pictures. ‘Organic’ makes you think of something green, maybe vegetables, maybe lush forests, gorges by a waterfall, extraterrestrials who float through space in fungal vessels that breathe like Buddha under the Bodhi tree. Continue reading