I’d like to say a few words on behalf of the late G.G. Allin, an individual I once knew but never took very seriously. For those too square to know, G.G. was a singer in a series of punk bands that never made it big but he was on the verge of becoming famous before he died of an overdose. I don’t think his life particularly deserves a eulogy and if he were here he’d probably tell us all to fuck off. Not that that matters. Having witnessed more than a few of his celebrated performance pieces and successfully eluded the flying turds of this warrior poet, I can now pass judgement on his barbaric antics. Perhaps those of you less familiar with Mr. Allin’s oeuvre are looking to me for an opinion upon which to base a consensus. Think for yourselves, assholes.

Far be it for me to speak unkindly of the dead, but as far as I’m concerned, G.G. was a fool. Since he’s not here to defend himself, I don’t feel too good about having to say bad things about him, but the same thing will probably happen to me once I’m gone and in a way, G.G.’s death serves as a challenge to all of us to face the truth, which I’ve always tried to do anyway.

G.G. went out of his way to be hated. He spread hatred and stupidity everywhere he could. One theory advanced for his psychopathology was a childhood of sexual abuse. Who knows? Furthermore, who cares? I consider it a joke that I’m even writing about him. His minimal talents were focused on a crude form of infantile self-promotion manifested in public filthiness. Continue reading


The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.
The named is the mother of ten thousand things.
Ever desireless, one can see the mystery.
Ever desiring, one can see the manifestations.”



The Tokyo 2020 Summer Games is one of three consecutive Olympiads hosted over the coming years within the area of a thousand kilometer radius around the Korean Peninsula in East Asia, preceded and followed by the Winter Olympics of Pyeongchang 2018 and Beijing 2022. Geopolitical tensions have never appeared to be higher, with the rogue state of North Korea and the increased military activity in Taiwan and the South China Sea, and the United States spends more on economic analysis of China and its trade partners than it ever spent in the entirety of its military budgets during the Cold War. Electronic surveillance ships and drones from both sides face off at China’s coasts like the lipid bilayer of a titanic cell. Continue reading

“FINDING THE MEAN” by OhEidirsceoil

[Some notes from Fall 2014, watching the WenXin Road (文心路) MRT being built]

Forget for now that you ever heard the word man, or woman, or boy, or girl, or tree, or animal, or robot or computer or ship or brain or consciousness. Just remember this concept: organism.

Trees grow in a forest, and a city is a forest. Creatures, some like us, are made of cells and bacteria and host parasites, attract mosquitoes, fruit attracts flies. Organisms grow in environments, and cities and towns are environments. So are space stations. So is Atlantis under the ocean. It grew there like trees grow out of the ground. Living things grow from organic material, and machines are made by organic beings like ourselves. But who can say what the difference is? When I use the words your mind comes up with pictures. ‘Organic’ makes you think of something green, maybe vegetables, maybe lush forests, gorges by a waterfall, extraterrestrials who float through space in fungal vessels that breathe like Buddha under the Bodhi tree. Continue reading

“Call to Columbine: Manifesto Against the Muscle of Our Doing” by Sean Kilpatrick

(Warning: the following manifesto is attributed to the perpetrator of a recent mass shooting. Out of respect for the families of victims, the author’s / suspect’s name has been redacted. Publication remains contingent upon its usefulness as a psychological study for the betterment of humankind and as a means to caution against future incidences of violence. While the faux-essayistic grandstanding of each sentence is hard to follow, due to the errors of poetry, dangling modifiers both continual and thankless, this screed should only be deciphered in service of future preventative discourse.)

Continue reading