Good Old Jeff


They beat Jeff Dahmer to death.
Probably in the dark corner of some dark cell in some prison shithole.
Good old Jeff, one of the boys, swell kind of guy,
drank beers and watched sports and looked girls up and down as they walked by.
Good old Jeff, just a pal,
loved to go out for a cold one,
then fucking kill you
and eat you
and fuck your corpse
and keep it preserved, frozen,
stare at it
late at night
watching the light play with your
lidless eyes.
They beat Jeff Dahmer to death. Continue reading


I’ve purchased a house on the west side of Chicago. I think you would like it. It’s very charming.

I only got the house on the west side because it’s so charming and I thought you’d like it. There was a house south of Waukegan that I liked more. It had better foundations and I know the neighborhood. Or I knew the neighborhood, it changes every few years. The leaves get orange and red and brown and fall off and dust away, and the people get older and crazier and start voting Republican, and the places I loved are demolished or covered in graffiti by some kids that don’t see the world like we did. Then we grew out of passenger-seat romances and into homebody holidays. We thinned out and shrank up and took up more room than we needed but less room than we wanted.

You didn’t re-sign the lease to our apartment in Waukegan. I know that because I saw you walking your dog on the west side of Chicago. I bought the house that same day. The garage has enough room for my car and your car and maybe a little art studio. I don’t know if you still paint or not. I haven’t tried to find out, and no one will tell me anything about you anyway.

I think people are concerned that I’m losing it. Continue reading


Self Love

I watched a snake shed its skin once,
they start at the face and
there’s this moment where
the old skin and the new are separating
the snake is neither and both
and the three join only at the eyes
it reminded me of where fire meets the tree
you can see it clinging but you can’t say how
until the eyes deliquesced
and the snake became a whole again Continue reading