what we want: short fiction/”flash fiction”, visual art, poetry, creative non-fiction/personal essays.

what we can’t take: political essays, super edgy stuff, subliterary “genre” fiction.

how to submit: send your submission to flulandmag [at] gmail [dot] com.

or you can submit work via direct message on Twitter. follow me at

feel free to include a small bio with links to your blog, books, social media, etc.

submit under any name you’re comfortable with.

the ideal length for fiction is 400-3000 words. an ideal poetry submission contains two or more poems.

I try to read each submission in full, and I never send form letters – this means that I can’t respond to your work as quickly as I would like to.

if you haven’t heard back in ten days, feel free to contact me.

if I don’t get back to you at all, something went wrong and you should resubmit your work.