what we want: literary fiction and poetry. less frequently, but occasionally, we will accept creative non-fiction/personal essays, and visual art. 

what we can’t take: political essays, reviews, super edgy stuff, subliterary “genre” fiction. 

(still curious about the stuff we’re looking for? poke around the general archive, or better yet, our featured section.)

i tend to decline all work that is political in nature, or clearly asserting an ideological/political point of view––yes, that covers the left, right, and center. stuff that uses political themes to ambiguous ends is OK. if in doubt, send it over and i’ll let you know.

how to submit: send your submission to (heads up: that’s flulandmag at gmail rather than fluland at gmail)

the ideal length for fiction is roughly 200-3500 words. (works containing 4000 to 6000 words will be considered, but are somewhat less likely to be chosen.) an ideal poetry submission contains three or more poems. (i rarely accept submissions of a single poem, unless it’s an inordinately long and/or special work.)

submit in rtf, doc, or docx. please no pdfs.

simultaneous submissions are ok.

feel free to send me multiple works of fiction for consideration in one mailing, but let’s cap it at three things. 

i cannot pay anyone for any work i accept. i hope one day to change that, but yeah, that does not occur now (and tends to be very uncommon at this level of publishing, fyi noobs).

if for some reason you are unable to email me, you can submit work via direct message on Twitter, but email submissions are greatly preferred.

follow me on Twitter at @flulandmag (

feel free to include a brief bio with links to your blog, books, social media, etc. if a bio is in your email, i will publish the bio below your work. if you include a bio in your email, but don’t want it published below the piece, please mention it. 

submit under any name you’re comfortable with.

I try to read each submission in full (tbh i read most submissions several times) and I never send form letters. this means that I can’t respond to your work as quickly as I would like to.

if you haven’t heard back in ten days, feel free to contact me.

if I don’t get back to you at all, something went wrong and you should resubmit your work.

if you’ve read this much you’re probably a good writer and should send me your work.