regarding the hiatus


the guiding mission of fluland has been to create and cultivate an unusually writer-centered literary platform.

by design, this ethos was to be expressed by unusually prompt and personal responses to submissions, a vigorous publishing schedule allowing me to feature the work of two writers every day, close and careful reading of all work sent to the site, and the sending of often long, hopefully constructive emails to those writers whose work I did not accept––no form letters, ever. more than anything, i have wanted to be accessible and engaged: a useful and encouraging advocate for writers.

fluland has never asked for or accepted a donation; it was a project fueled purely by my desire to fulfill the aforementioned mission.

recently, my life has changed in such a way that I am no longer able to dedicate the requisite amount of time and energy to this project. submissions have been accumulating and I recently started sending form letters. frustration at my inability to satisfy the mission of the site has brought me to a decision: fluland will be entering into a temporary hiatus. no new work will be added; no submissions will be considered.  

in the meantime, please spend some time in the archive, and the hundreds of extraordinary works contained therein. if the hiatus becomes a permanent one, i give you my word that the entirety of that collection will remain online for an utterly excessive period of time.

to the readers of fluland: thank you. and to the writers who entrusted me with such a bounty of artistic dedication and vision: thanks again, deeply and sincerely; it has meant a lot to me. i hope to consider your work in the future––just not right now.