fluland is a writer-centered arts platform for excluded and outsider writers, poets, and artists*, or anyone seeking an authentic alternative.

fluland is opposed to vanity, impartial to celebrity, and dedicated to supporting and encouraging writers and artists of unusual talent and vision.

fluland seeks to be a home for unfashionable works, pioneering works, and timely iconoclasm, among other things.

politics are important, but so is compartmentalization: fluland is a space for aesthetics rather than ideology.

fluland is way more about you than me.

twitter: @flulandmag

email: flulandmag@gmail.com (if you like my website and just want to say hi, please do!)

*(it is absurdly difficult for an unknown / outsider / idiosyncratic writer of merit to find a prompt and open-minded good faith reader. writing is itself a struggle. a second, more daunting struggle to find an outlet that earnestly considers work from “the slush pile”––a derogatory phrase––should not await a writer offering truly worthy work. online journals that publish only ~40 works a year and decline 95+% of submissions (usually via a months late form letter rejection) collectively do a lot of damage imo. everyone offers daily toxic clickbait; no one offers daily poetry & fiction––why? the culture of publishing is broken. we are awash in bloodless writing no one actually reads. cliques, backslapping, and micro-celebrity drive everything. necessary writers––odd, special, authentic––quit brokenhearted. bad writers get an mfa (ok, #notallmfas). writers and editors discuss a lot of social issues but rarely get around to these: why is our literature so bad and boring? why do we treat our writers like shit? is there anything we can do to fix this stuff?)

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