words in italics are from ResearchGate


this job
interest you.
_____________JOB, n. is of uncertain origin.

you & I are of uncertain

Keep your profile
up to date to get the best
job suggestions.

_________SUGGESTION, n.
_______The insinuation
_________of a belief or
_______impulse into the
___________mind of a
__________subject by
_______words, gestures,
________or the like; the
_______impulse or idea
_______thus suggested.
_______[Source: OED]

Insinuously trigger me
_____hypnotenuze me
insinuate a belief or impulse
in my many-slotted mind—see diagram

your personalized
job alerts.
___________ALERT, n. is of military origin.

watch out the
___world’s behind you
(sing along)

you & I are many-watched
___by the many-eyed giant
____________JOB, n. MARKET, n.

Get job recommendations
that match your profile via email,
every week.

_______recommend me
________jobs commend
_________command me
_______recommend me
_____jobs command me

blow up my resume
__blowfish it up

my resume moves by combining
___pectoral, dorsal,
_____anal, &
________caudal fins
my resume is highly manoeuvrable,
___but very slow

endorsalfin me as ff-
___-it, worthy, or competent
as fit to discuss quantum mechanics
___on one feet
_____with my eyes shut
________tightly tied up
kinbaku / shibari (circle your lexical fav,

we couldn’t
___could we?
we couldn’t ff-
___-ind-find-find MORE
we couldn’t ff-
___-ind more job insinuations

We couldn’t find
more job suggestions
matching your profile.

Search for jobs,
or complete your profile
to see more suggestions.




with a quote from Fight Club


Disclosure: I have a possum
in my womb,

________just like: some of you have a kind of
____________sick desperation in your laugh.

Worse: I did not declare
the possum in my womb

________________when crossing the border
________________________from 30 to 31.

Hence A: the possum in my womb
is an illegal time immigrant.

Hence B: you could get prosecuted for
helping the possum in my womb.

___________See: France, Italy, Denmark, etc.
___________________ad nauseam morning
________________________noon & night.

Relax: the possum in my womb
did not even sign up to join

LinkedIn: the possum in my womb
won’t steal your job

__________________at the weapons factory,
________________at the very-very vanguard
_________________of the weapons industry.

Truth is: the possum in my womb
gets high on hormonal side

____________kicks: the possum in my womb
_____________cannot dam low-quality socks

on the lam: the possum in my womb
is a singer-songwriter,

________________thrums my viscera,
_________________drums a tick-tock






(somehow) after Inger Christensen

Journalists exist; and news and how-tos: how to write news,
how to read them, how to watch them react and combine.
How to smell them. The smell of news exists. Tearing
pupils apart. Photographers exist; and photographs,
the sounds of them exist. Like bloody nails on a
chalkboard. Defying adjectives, scraping the
inside of eyelids. And sandpapering head-
lines exist, statements exist; resolutions.
Adjectives exist; the world’s declared
stockpile of adjectival weapons: un-
acceptable, unanimous, united,
human, inhumane, chemical.
The chemistry of news
exists; and reactions,
hives on our skin,
skin’s response
exists. And
we react,




the kitchen counter is brewing


the kitchen counter is brewing:
I tell you: brewing something

___stormy herbal boisterous

is raising the spilled question
one-drop-at-a-time question

___I cannot answer:

a bloomstream ovulating a revolution
___not a fruit salad

nip the question: should we nip it the bud?

before it marks

before it gathers momentum: mass times velocity
before it ingrains itself upon the laminated wood
before it disrupts our ways: the ways we hold

our cups of tea
our grudges
___against low-quality socks
our lines
___of laundry dialogue
our selves

the way we conceive: of the world:

its bloating blotting propaganda
its orchards irrigated with low-fat blood
its headlining lingering aching questions

___I cannot answer:

conceive: should we conceive a world?

our tongues streams genes coagulating
into a planetesimal: a tiny world orbiting
the kitchen counter: accreting: growing

into questions sticky with banana mush



Florence Lenaers is a usurper from the surfunlistic land of Belgium — a physics PhD student pretending to be a poet, or maybe the other way around. She tweets as @flloaers.