“DASH CAMS 15, 13, 8, 10” by JOHN TREFRY

A woman is running across the reflection of a white coupe in a substantial puddle on the sidewalk, raindrops are falling on the windscreen before the buildingscape bloomingly befogging the radishthrottler pyrrhostucco charcoal and onionjuice facade diminutions into a pseudopartywalleous megastructure beyond a white coupe creeping toward a green trafficsignal, flashflame and a flake of fire is erupting is seconding from the ventilation slots on the bonnet, a hatchback is approaching the far left crossstreet inlet toward black debris across the skyglare on the asphalt neath the silhouette of the hood ornament in a linear scattertrail behind a woman running toward the white coupe, a crowd of people is crossing the street downrange upon their griseous reflections in the asphalt, a hatchback is approaching the far left crossstreet inlet of the broad intersection is pulling into the wide open space colliding corner to corner with hoodcrumples into a celeritous sedan, the asphalt is free of markings under two women in black hip length coats are stepping out together from a corner in double atop their soft reflections in rainslick asphalt across the blackmute desaturation inverse of buildingscape into the sky, a red glow local just above the crossing pedestrians, aerihumectant focus is blooming forth a white atom of the rosy and beige apartment mass with parapet of sparse merlons, the silver hatchback with its front bumper askew is inextricable from the careening silver sedan across the vacant and blank asphalt stretch of several lanes, a red trafficsignal in rhythmflickers halting downrange and approaching traffic above the slow disengagement of the silver sedan is rolling loose onto the curb in front of the joltstop of the silver hatchback and both threading reinless racingly around two women running out of the street clutching the hoods of the black coats, black specks of distant pedestrians speckly on the mostly desolate sidewalks, the skyglare on the asphalt is silhouetting the hood ornament, the below is wrapping its reflection around the refraction of a convex windscreen and itself through the convex perception of a flat white sky of a onepoint focal oculus and a dual flickering below is a flickering above though not coincident and not of the same apparent rhythm static in the panorams of approaching headlights and their interlocking across the black gloss of the bonnet miscible with the asphaltslick; road skyline firmament sheath and wire catenary distant treeblack comb of continentalcrossing metrics are conically slowing their enduring vistacircle to a stop at an intersection onepointingly to the greenbruise horizon vanishment flakingly and fleckingly into cerulean ribbon outward in greatcircle arcs of cloudbands gray and cloud ceilings steel and bead curtain virgin cigarettefilter artifact sky, the man is walking away in for obliquity of the inscription of a part where his shavearound is mohawking into a ponytail is apparent and a headlight is scanning across the waist of his offwhite bal collar leather jacket, a hillock of black trees of green breath from the clotting of streetsigns and traffic directions and overhead linecrossings is forming one far leg of the sky vee, trolley track inscriptions in diffusion from patchy grass to no apparent continuity into the asphalt intersection, the front driverside fender and wheelspin of a black car is approaching the solid stopline at the intersection, the toes of the woman in the orange leather coat are toeing the virginal impasto of the first continentalcrossing stripe outside the range of averaging tires treads along the roadway, the illusion of each edge is breathing into, black and white spandrel and ribbon building and blue flat gable building with a single proud canine dormer and greenyellow awnings intersection opposite white minibus with black ribbon window and redhead woman in all black with trafficcone orange notchlapel leather coat at rest in the drawing of crossed catenary wires under the wire network of a trolley overhead contactsystem is lacing together the drybrush sky failure, in the center of all vanishment arching eyebrows and buffering eyesockets inhalingly the great sky cone and the valley city street cone is coalescing on the throat of a man is swinging his messengerbag from behind his back forward to restingness against his white wideneck teeshirt within the gesture of punching his openpalm left hand with his right fist just abreast his shapely pectoral nodules on center with asphalt is creeping through the impasto continentalcrossing stripe, in patchy grass rounding the end of a median a square sign atop a pole just above the head of a woman in an orange leather coat with harlequin green border with navy blue field is containing a white triangle where a black icon of a man is striding with each foot in the presumptive asphalt space between stripes of a continentalcrossing, a livid streak is blooming the asphalt exhaustingly gray in the vacant parallel lane swellingly and recedingly is seeping, three square signs arrowing downstream in the sky over the flowing lanes of traffic are hanging wire saggingly the sky is vacant, a ketchup and mustard trolley in waiting beyond a spacious railing along the curb is receding is reaching into white sky with its skeletal pantograph, wirecrossing artifacts of thickness gradually across the spatial atoms of sky, downstream traffic of all white vehicles is flowing across the intersection behind the offwhite leather shoulder of a man staring under arching eyebrows down just driverside of the stationpoint of the sky cone is ragepunching the peripheral sliver of silver automobile bonnet quakingly jittering and staying the great ex of the roadway and sky vee with no reaction from the statuary woman in the orange notchlapel leather coat where a white minibus is venturing across oncoming traffic; an approximate black figure is rushing between two kiosks beyond the parallel railings of thick posts with two exbraces per bay enjambing beyond a silver coupe a magic duskyellow panel van salt and sand and mud on its apron in drivingly velocitous distribution is passing and railing pickets are flying over the windscreen and into traintracks in snowstripes and another railing in the shade is cracking unobtrusively the lower portion of the windscreen with a calligraphic sympathetic magic animal stroke, the monstrous hybridity of buffering is claiming the sunlight on a utility pole in the snow up through a great buildingshadow at fortyfive degrees across the crossstreet, a semblance of utility lines saggingly across the sky is flickering in slashers of diagonal braid disappearances and reappearances, crossing a lane of traffic a lane of traffic crossing a lane of traffic, a simple fortyfive degree bevel cornice wrapping around the flat roof on impact with the kiosk the windscreen tempering fragmentation or the evenspray of melted snows glimmeringly thousands of sunlight atomisations, the blue of advertisements on a kiosk in the distance is saturating, in the sunlight gold asphalt of crossstreet traffic perpendicular to long lane division stripe space the aspiration of foreshortening seen from the side stripe space lane stripe space lane then the crosscutting shadow, snowclusters fraught with loose macrame of grass a silver hatchback is passing behind a utility pole and across the penumbra of its shadow, roving and tall against the skyhalf and the long urinefur tinge neighboring facade slab with thin pianokey of white of cerulean of soft babyblue sky uncontrollable codeine meandering of low relief pilasters of fenestration up the taupe building shadowcast across the street and up from the sidewalk behind some kiosks the facade windows rhythmically dark in daylight lightlessness or slidesashes glaringly foil pooling toward another of the exact same distant building in rotational translation of ninety degrees in the blue and drybrush cirrus duskward horizon is scratching with the nominal intimation of winter trees, in the sunlight a ghost image statically overriding the drunken panorama, a woman in black with a black hat is standing in front of a small kiosk with simple gable roof spurs and pickets of the railings are sliding up over the windscreen through perpendicular lanes of absent traffic toward a kiosk under the adherence of plastic advertisements for liquid in dark bottles against a vibrant blue background, a black figure is ducking behind a kiosk with a thick zincoxidation fascia circumscription of its flat roof and an adjacent portable toilet shelter; the bleachwash is permeating everywhere sun specularly from highgloss autobody paint and glass and vermeil cloud swells in foreshortening horizonclog the unilateral desaturation of the panoramic corpus and foreground with the distant anonymity of atmospheric perspective, autotraffic is flowing placidly righthand in taper and lefthand in bloat of sage asphalt expansive in a great pyramid to the horizon at whose apex is glimmering a vehicle is bisecting the two streams of traffic, the white car is racing down the center of the road is leaving value artifacts of its passage over the grain of the asphalt riding upon its feldgrau shadow, the thickness of glass convexly inflecting reflections of a dashboard identical in hue and value to the sage asphalt of the half ellipse dehumidifying vent ghostly in ellipse half inverse and glare reflections warping over the moss bland hood of the car facing down a white car hood swelling, in passing a vaguely maroon coupe is accelerating from a figure identical in value and hue to the umbrage of trees visible only in its occlusion of the sunlight on the guardrail is walking from the shoulder distant behind the windscreen of the police car haltingly diverting traffic around the centerline of the two way traffic, aquamarine sky and flatbed with a long board diagonally up over its white cab is passing golden smaze treeline and two automobiles are pulling across traffic surreptitiously behind slender trunk over guardrail horizon windbreak canopy golden and is enfolding upon its shadows over sparse seepage of virid sky dome, a police car white car is veering toward the tailgate of a pale haze maroon coupe and is jolting into the centerline open downrange lane orientationally gleaming its lightbar into the sterling gilding sunlight edge and is slamming to halt interlocking a flash of white light whiteout pinkflood framentation stars against the moss bland hood crumplingly its own white hood bifold with the letters ANC identical in value and hue to the moss bland hood, a thin aspect ratio sign atop two slender standards in equal parts dull white and timid red arrows in both directions in sequential shells of red arrowtip downrange shelling white arrowtip downrange shelling red arrowtip downrange against white arrowtip downrange against a central lozenge against red arrowtip uprange and the movement of the landscape is halting a white car is careening.