Boo hoo I’m apathy
happily how dare you

your twin double wagers
mom will suck our dong

not the first time
that glee
fully awful

satisfaction is vanity
def hella plenty

WANT: best
re-creation drug

Try for me baby

: : : : :

Up to the wrist
then lapping spume

the challenge becomes
how bad it can get

our bodies in time a destruction

If I wasn’t
already wearing
you go fuck
that self


our monster party

: : : : :

Scorched orchard
and after

can you remember

we made
the daughter watch

: : : : :

She slaps my dick
on her face sneers and says
“I’m crying I’m crying”
and she’s not really crying

but somehow it

we just

It taking this much to live is redonk

Our heart enflamed + enthorned

: : : : :

Watch me be something
other than you for once

said Adam Kadmon to the darkness

: : : : :

It okay
it okay

We fuckin’

: : : : :

Scorched orchard
and after

I’m tellin’ ya’ll
it’s sabotage

jerking off with lard

: : : : :

means about as much
as recycling

philosophy for dicks
who think doubt
is a strength

I know GOD
inside me

there’s never been
a better lover

your ass
is welcome
to try

: : : : :

When you say ‘jaded’
you don’t imagine
the shade, the stone

I know the stone by its shade
but one day I will gaze upon
far more than tattered shadows wallowing
in the clumsy wake we call language

I’ll see your face
face behind face behind
ellipses + regress

: : : : :

You’re mine to want
if I want that

a round
of Desire
for the plebeians

Do you like my costume?
of course you do
I’m your reflection in all shop windows

I’m kicking it as anything
thinking it’s alive

: : : : :

Scorched orchard
and after

you never truly gave yourself
but you can have this back

if you still want it

: : : : :

in general
is a defense

The sky in the lake + the lake with a sky in it

aren’t butthurt
about supposed distance

You tho
Look at the parts
you’ve made me
make you

: : : : :

There has never been
a good reason

All logic is bad logic

The Lightbearer rode in
on the back of a snake

and now you’re shoving that dumb glowing slab
you call mine
as far toward your dwindling core as you can

He’s charming tho
we all agree

: : : : :

Scorched orchard
and after

I’ve never had
a habit worse

as pretty as you are
in this one

: : : : :

You people
dear reader
soft animal
are cruel

That’s the shit I don’t like

Attitude like a genital
raging in a cage
strapped to your feet
in a tarpit you thought was your god

: : : : :

Scorched orchard
and after

menstrual sphere
of the seasons

harsh fickle mistress
an abortion of forms

: : : : :

Gaze upon
my body your pharmakon

Christ blood
smart water

streaming fear
dirty + absurd

from the asshole
I made in your mirror

A book with every word
crossing out

: : : : :


O Info

do I comb as tho for answers

when I want the cascade
the noise I ignore + appreciate
with no temptation
to build of it some signal

The freedom that ignorance affords

Passive womb
no one home

Let me be
your bitch
your idiot

Leaning back in the cut
kicked to death already in a ditch

: : : : :

What’s the matter?
Shit begets

: : : : :

Overblown goat
the kid

tried too hard
at what you might want

poison mind

to find that self
digging thru these vestiges

best best best

Now dead
so as to live

: : : : :

The shape light

around the retard
blind spot

is loving us

so fuck it