Still Thought Having


It could be not true but I’m pretty sure my family had a plant with a face that could sing when I was young.

There was a magic car movie where the car had no driver but would let couples choke each other inside it.

Yes, I had a teacher, too, who told us that all weather could be explained by God’s disgusting body. Rain was sweat, snow was dandruff, fog was bad breath, the warm sun was pee.

Of course there was a dog. It died playing with a stick. The stick was a stick of dynamite.

Someone kept calling the house and hanging up. I think it was sex.

A dream I had, I think it was trying to tell me something, anything. It spoke as if it had been a painting for ages and only now, free from the bonds of its brushstrokes, could it speak. Imagine that: being stuck on a wall forever, only being able to use your eyes.

Eyes aren’t everything. Eyes can be a curse.






There is another dimension where everything is naturally heart shaped. The shape of the heart does not have the effect it has in our dimension.

Shapes we think of as “normal” in our dimension seem alien and original in that dimension.

Round pizzas, for instance, look quite strange and thrilling there.

When it is time to bury their loved ones, the people of that other dimension fit them into heart shaped coffins. Which, of course, to them, is very tasteful.