blood red wine glass in mommy’s pale hands
does nothing to tame the wild
bestial children of comfort gnawing rats
disease oozing down exorcist steps pollen
snotgreen in rain pools egg yolk riverfalls
down exorcist steps down to the river like
backseat schoolbus yellow piss stream
river touching leather baby shoe with new car smell
of fresh blood stillborn wanting unborn wanting
flowing downriver in snotgreen ooze
flowing to a pee-pee and plastic ocean new life
semen pollen snot kindergarten new car smell
noseblow like broken egg splatter
of decaying blood vampire devil children
kindergarten wanting all-giving mommy mommy rotting
egg stench new car smell steps into pee-pee water
down exorcist steps idle vampire blood
comfort excess in idle tower bonethin
plastic grandmother diamond encrusted
horse teeth woman driven by migrant au pairs
devil children ass encrusted with candy shit
ass wiped by dark race of surplus labor mothers but
bonethin plastic grandmother never had to work a day in her life
sick green preripe unborn fruit unborn thoughts
hopeless birth into degenerate world

fetal alcohol child condemned
to skulking addiction dasein
chemical vampire craving
waste sacred whore expecting
mother blood red
wine of crude race blood
pallid puss white and
red diseased wine blood
fresh blood fresh wanting
wine vomit stained leather
new car new shoes smell
delivering addict child sad
crack craving in dying world
pallid mother brand new car smell
brand shoes and diamond flask
suckling gnawing child
or pet or child pet
gnawing plague rat
idle race climbing
down pollenpiss furcoated
down exorcist steps
to the river rotting
pee-pee water
hopeless addict
child addict
tropical disease
hive spring
snot pollen and
idle pleasure
rotting corpse
yoga pose