“DASH CAMS 1, 2, 7, 4” by JOHN TREFRY

Strands of long motion obscurity of smoke in the one point vortex of a continuous dash dash lane center and double solid roadway center, a white figure in the black rapidly in the consumption of smoke and in the smoke is asphalt fragmentation the largest chunks of which are near the vertex smaller in a rain ballistic arc over the entirety in absolute brown and gray with no potato flesh daylight remaining, the perspectival vortex black in the impactcrater of thin flakings of tabular layers radiating in graduation from brown to gray to black and all to black, the potatoflesh sky a gently transitional canopy umbrage in dilation smokewash crenellations of imperfections within the strands of a color softly with desaturation of the strands nearly green but at the curb itself white lined is the peeling up of the asphalt triangle and the urgence of earth and smoke both white and fire orangeness in a fringe about the fragmentation a fringe of blond hair around the surging of the black fragmentation coalescence, an upright of a milemarker dash space dash space reflector dash at the vertex of an uplifting triangle of asphalt dash at angle above the horizontal swallowing sallow smoke colors outside the strands the strands constructing string loops of color crossgrain from the motion a color impactcrater of refraction, a lone tree taller than the canopy diminishment an oblong asphalt island before the sky, tree trunks parallax the flesh of sky milk of luminous canopy inversion in the reflection of gentle bobbing blue car hood slightly turningly away from the fragmentation of all occlusion into which the diminishment of a hedge just at the horizon line is swallowing a lamp post, tendrils conical dissipating in arcs over the hedge handcurl of fire tawny gush of earth cloud nominally mossgreen the skymilk figure lowhanging fray in advancing fringe, brown fragmentation all, obscurant brownwash, blackwash skylit roadway all; An oculus elliptical above sunlight on concrete all in shade without the presence of sunlight in the air but is falling on a platform ambulatory and on the roadway shoulder and a railing in fabric drape of an ellipse beside a man on a motorcycle beside a silver hatchback under a concrete ceiling in silhouette with four elliptical lights the front wheel is wobbling to an edge half ellipse positive against all white a tall building white through sparse tree canopy in the vee taper of both perspective and continuous paint stripes at guardwall flanks of diminishing height along their lengths one in shade the other in sunlight drape that down across the wall and the sidewalk platform and railing where the motorcyclist is skidding on his chest in rotation head back up the roadway into and against the platform ambulatory under the truncation vee of blue sky where in shade the application of a primer overspray under dash under dash is in glare of the sky and is roadbed brown around the white dash under the blue sky, sateen roadway in the shade the breaklights of a car luminously the foot of the motorcyclist is not reaching leg near hyperextension is kicking across the dash space dash to the passenger rear door of the hatchback whose tailgate is in shade, a series of vents directly opposite one another on the two flanking walls, the reflection of an oculus in the colorless gloss hood of a car, the shadow from angular sunlight in a cylindrical oculus with exactitude the construction of an ellipse whose rays parallelplanarity over great distance are striking a city skyline within the vee of blue sky of the exhauststaining the underchassis asphalt in a linear streak per lane gaseous dark in shade in viscous taupe of sun, an electrical box and conduit down the wall dash dash the visor in the unobstructingly open position on the helmet where the face of the motorcyclist against the sidewalk platform where the single luminous breaklight in shade the motorcyclist is slowing into identical velocity kicking the car is throwing the motorcycle off balance wobbly into the sunlight elliptical edge to daylight through its vacant rearwheel spoke ring uproad from the front wheel between the legs of the rider in rotation helmet against curb is pushing up onto his forearms skidding across the asphalt and beneath a cluster of trees behind remove of the wall; a sallow pale yellow panelvan sunlight swollen in its large rectangular back window is pulling away from three men in a continentalcrossing into sunlight sculpture of subtle tree foliage enfoldage where a man is pulling the driverside door handle of a silver coupe, a man lying in the street and in the distance a figure in sunlight is stepping from behind a tree trunk onto the sidewalk, bright light of faint tooth yellow in a butte blurshape of a broken taillight is black is adjacent to either or with reversinglamps in multi pointturn dawn of the front wheel acute toward a man holding a beer bottle is doffing an absent hat to the car from the crosswalk from the dim side of the slow traffic and shady understory beyond cars in curbside slots aqueous with reflections of aft sunless sky, pyramidal industrex softfocus in the stillness of broad vacant surfaces and edges of crenellated delineation in the shivering in the waveringthe reflection of a tree canopy is running down the rear windscreen sky is filling the windscreen beside a man walking around a body lying in the crosswalk pushing against the passenger door straightleg kicking the fender fleeing dark taillights shirt becoming yellow, black stripes long on the bumper barely acute above horizontal, stripes in the continetalcrossing in the shadow of oncoming traffic with vague drybrush the asphalt revealingly where a person is rushing from the far sidewalk in front of a boxy buttermilk sedan in a diagonal parkingspace and a white oncoming coupe haltingly toward a man punching the window of a speeding away car, the front wheel of the silver coupe is turning in place to coincidence of the bumper into the man’s thigh and tire into calf foldingly in congruent radii of kneebend to arms over his head is hitting the ground violently ankle passing beneath the tire and lying still across a stripe and space arms outstretchingly to glugging beer onto reflective impasto, the yellow hue is desaturating in the subsummation of stationpoint sun glare clearly between the two men marauding a speeding away silver coupe from the horizontal inverse excluding the roadway but including the white sky in the reflection of foreground silver automobile hood where a greengray discoloration territory of pincers and tiny feet is overwriting the shadow edge of asphalt nearest the bright sunlight at the beginning of the crosswalk; orange gold red blackness gray taupe star triangle star white dash space dash between the dual wheelwells of two trucks in truck shadow and a whitish dash is hanging between the wheelwells with different fender types where everything else in movement a white hatchback in the far lane is not stopping for the gentle coming into registration velocity on the downcurve of the wheel inside a bright gold single headlight perpendicular to the direction of traffic with an aim to the left between the two trucks, a man on hands and knees at the end of a long black skidmark is looking from side to side his face threequarters away from barrels or boxes and pallets or a chair on the shoulder beside parallel carpark the back of his head with dark hair and the fray of a hole in his light jacket is looking up the road from the space between two dashes, his face against the wall of a tire, the rear mudflap is passing gentle skirt hem over a prone scooter in more rapid rotation of skidding with the gold light of closefollowing traffic on its underchassis, back onto his shoulders no sky by what a frame of two tall truck trailers distantly colorless exsanguinely fishflesh, gold orange runninglights bright at their filament in corona of blurry irregular red rectangles circles for taillights up the road along an unbroken white line at the shoulder with grass and low shrubbery, a dark yet monochromely with the asphalt ellipse on the shoulder, a black motorcycle helmet is tumbling along the dash space dash between two large trucks, in proximity trailer sill trim ceruleanly steel and in greater fields of color stars and triangles in varying size and value of blemish together in tessalation of monochrome gradual piebald on the asphalt and on the broadside of a large truck with a single trailer beside a large truck with two trailers, a man is laying down a scooter into a rotationskid between two trucks where his head inside the concave wheel is losing his black helmet and bare face against the tire and under the mudflap the red and white bilateral slashes on the tail of the distant truck away from a brief visage of a sunset in the absence of vehicles on the road, a gold light on the rear wheel gold light on the mudflap, his face and shoulder against the front wheel of the rear trailer is pushing him back tumbling along the skidmark unfurlingly into the space between dash and dash free from the rear wheel at the tip of his toe, the single trailer truck is signalling a laneshift—